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Hannah & Todd Ware
30 May 2015
Maiden NameMugavin
CeremonyOld Grandstand - Warrnabool racecourse
ReceptionWarrnambool racecourse - formal reception room

How we met:

We caught each others eye one day when Todd would drive by in his ute whilst I was waiting for the school bus in the mornings. I must admit, it was his Bns ute that first caught my eye. Since then I noticed that Todd started paying a few visits to me whilst I was working at the local supermarket, it is still debatable as to who followed who around the supermarket. From here Todd sent me a friend request on Facebook and after a few friendly conversations, proceeded to ask for my number. After a week or so of chatting every night, Todd asked me to the Dartmoor Rodeo on our first date. Todd then asked my parents permission to take me on the date. This was only the beginning of Todd’s romantic, gentlemanly ways….

The proposal? how,what when:

On the 9th of December, After a day of working on the farm , Todd took me to 'take some photos of the farm', it was a perfect summers evening, just on sunset. We went to the highest point, that overlooked the whole farm and we were surrounded by a herd of cows. I was trying to get close to the cows to give one a pat (as you do) , Todd was trying to get my attention for a while, when I finally turned around Todd was on bended knee with the most prefect ring, I burst into tears before he could even speak. I do remember him saying 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you. will you marry me'. We then sat on the hill and watched the rest of the sunset together, still surrounded by the cows. It was so perfect in every way! unbeknown to me, Todd had asked my parents permission a week before hand.

Theme and colour palette:

After getting engaged, Todd and I decided that we would have our wedding at our engagement party. So we wanted our 'engagement' to be pretty relaxed. We had a Country / rustic theme which the Grandstand and formal reception room suited this to the ground. our 'Engagement / Wedding' had hints of Jade and emerald green, My bridesmaids also wore Jade Green. There were wine barrels, Home made frames from rustic wood, Hand decorated jars and milk bottles and plenty of hessian decorations.
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