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Aroha & Brian Millard
03 April 2016
Maiden NameNicholl
Ceremonypotential park
Receptionpotential park

How we met:

After the south western league grand final in the heywood footy club. i had played for the heywood a res team and we won the grand final. so i went back to the footy club to celebrate and one of my clients introduced us. boof rang me a couple of weeks later to ask a question – “why do they call ya pickle?” it seemed like he was gunna ask me out but chickened out at the last minute. a few days later he rang back and asked if i wanted to come out for tea, and the rest as they say is history.

The proposal? how,what when:

very very unromantic, he never even asked the question! it was christmas morning, i got woke up to "here's ya present". boof plonked it on my pillow and went outside. it was in a big box, so i thought it was a bangle or necklace. nah, there was another box inside, then there was a beautiful white gold ring with four diamonds on it. it was a couple sizes too small so i put it on my right pinky. he came back and said "it goes on the other hand!' so i put it on the left ring finger maybe to my knuckle, took a photo, sent to mum n dad. ring, ring - "ARE YOU ENGAGED?" - "not sure, he never asked!!"

Theme and colour palette:

relaxed and easy goin. low key and no stress. our colour was yellow
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