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Sheree & Damian
10 October 2015
Maiden NameCarey
CeremonySimon's Waterfront (outdoor area)
ReceptionSimon's Waterfront Restaurant

How we met:

We both worked together as teens at Target. Sheree had been interested in Damian back then but he never realised. Both of us found ourselves eventually in releationships and lost contact. Fast forward a decade and we were both out with mutual friends for a few drinks when we reconnected. We both clicked and started hanging out. Our first ‘date’ was a Saw movie marathon at home with some wine and snacks.

The proposal? how,what when:

It was the long weekend in June 2014 and Damian had suggested earlier in the week driving out to Childer's Cove with the dogs and a picnic lunch, something we like doing occasionally. We arrived at Childer's and almost had an argument because Sheree went to put the car keys into Damian's pocket- where the ring was being hidden. Once we were down on the beach Sheree started setting up the blanket and food and when she turned around Damian was on one knee with a ring and question “So do you wanna get married?”

Theme and colour palette:

Modern-casual; beach theme; chevron. Navy blue, white and touches of pink.
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