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Wedding Budget

Who’s paying for what?

It is always a good idea to talk with your family/parents to establish who is paying for what. This can be a tricky subject but one that does need to be discussed. Ask both families to either commit to a specific dollar amount or alternatively ask each set of parents to finance a particular item such as flowers, gown, catering or ceremony.

How much do you need to save?

As soon as you are engaged it is ideal to start putting away an agreed amount of money each pay. Set aside a goal or budget and stick to it! Having a bank account named ‘Wedding’ can also be a great motivator, most banks offer this for free.

Establishing a budget

As a couple sit down and work out your priorities. This will help to set a realistic budget for your wedding. You may want to spend more on your photographer and save by using your wedding cake as dessert or your dream may be to have a lavish bridal gown? Than consider wearing your grandmothers jewellery instead of buying it new. Try and stick to your original budget – as hard as it may seem it will pay off.

Click here to download our wedding budget template.