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Tamara & Ryan O’Keefe
22nd NOVEMBER 2014
CEREMONYFlagstaff Hill
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How we met:
Tamara went to buy a new car… and ended up with a husband!
I needed a new car as I was doing a lot of travelling with university and starting work in Melbourne so I went into the car dealership with Mum and Dad and test drove a few cars and ended up buying a car off Ryan (a Warrnambool Local) a few weeks later. Mum and Dad did most of the wheelin’ and dealin’ while I was out of town.
There was an instant spark between us (which even Mum and Dad noticed.)I was thrilled when at one of the car services a few months later Ryan asked me out for a coffee… …. and the rest is history. Fairy-tale romantic history!
We travelled to and from Melbourne on the weekends for several months until I made the move back home to the South West -Warrnambool (a Cobden dairy farm was home for me, where I grew up). A few years later we were lucky enough to purchase a beautiful home together. The little family begun when we got our little French Bulldog Henry who we absolutely adore and spoil rotten.

The Proposal:
Ryan proposed to Tamara on the 6th October 2013, after first asking Andrew Baker for his Daughters hand in marriage. When Ryan met up with Mr and Mrs Baker he knew they were suspicious of what he had to ask – he could tell by the smirk and smiles on their faces!
We were just sitting on the couch watching TV on a Sunday night. We had been for a walk and had dinner and we were just having a relaxing Sunday evening.
Ryan took Henry (our French Bulldog) outside to the toilet (or so I thought) and then yells out for me to call him up the stairs. Strangely I reply “why?”, then yelled out for Henry.
Up the stairs runs Henry in the cutest little dog-tuxedo I've ever seen!! Followed by Ryan with a ring box in his hand!