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Rebecca & Michael Keane
6th DECEMBER 2014
CEREMONYFlagstaff Hill
MAKE UPHelen Harris
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How you met :
Michael and I met in Caloundra in Queensland, where I worked in a café next door to Michael’s work.
Michael would come and buy his lunch and he would always get a milkshake. I thought he was handsome so I would always put extra ice-cream in his milkshake.
Our friend, Clint Williams, is a musician and he wrote a song about how we met and played it at our wedding, which was such a funny and memorable wedding gift.

The Proposal :
It was the 13th of September 2013 and I was doing nursing placement in Melbourne and I was really missing Michael and our little dog ‘Ecko’.
I would come home from Melbourne on a Friday night and head back to Melbourne on a Sunday night.
Instead of coming home on the weekend, Michael had said that he would come to Melbourne to meet me.
I was so surprised when we arrived at Crown Towers!
I couldn’t believe it when the lift took us up to the top level! The thought of Michael proposing to me still hadn't even entered my mind!
I opened the door to the suite and there was red rose petals covering the floor and written on the bed in rose petals was ‘Will you Marry Me?’ I couldn't believe it!
My heart was pounding! Mike then pulled out a little box and got on one knee.
The little box had a toy ring with the promise that we would get the engagement ring made together.
After lots of looking at engagement rings, we decided to get the ring made by a Jeweller on Collins St in Melbourne.
I wanted a snowflake shaped cluster as Mike and I have many wonderful memories at the snow together and it has a total of 13 diamonds to symbolise the date he proposed.