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Kim & Brad Armistead
21st FEBRUARY 2015
CEREMONYFamily Farm - Scott’s creek
RECEPTIONFamily Farm - Scott’s creek
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How you met :
Brad and I met through my cousin as they were friends, I am from Lara, and come up to Simpson for her birthday and met Brad at the pub that night.

The Proposal :
Very private, I had had a big week at work and went to bed early, brad come in, woke me up (ohhh you never wake a girl up) and proposed.

Preparations :
We decided to get married on the home farm in our garden, however failing to realise how big a job that would be, between renovating and only recently moving in the garden wasn’t perhaps the nicest place.
It was overrun with blackberries and ivy. 6 months later and a lot of work we were super happy with how our garden looked for the big day.

Brides Gown :
Locally made by Thelma Hose of Timboon.
I sourced the lace from overseas (same lace as Kate Duchess of Cambridge) my dress was flowy and simple.
I received it a week out from the wedding, and didn’t particularly like it as it wasn’t what I actually wanted, however on the day I was really happy with it.

Men’s outfit :
Bought 2 weeks out from the wedding from Pitstop in Warrnambool – the girls at Pitstop are amazing! My dad got his suit in Geelong, and the Bowler he bought in the UK.