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Kasie & Luke Finnegan
20th FEBRUARY 2015
CEREMONYLimestone Gallery - Port Fairy
RECEPTIONLimestone Gallery - Port Fairy
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How we met :
We both met at the very romantic establishment, The Stump Port Fairy.
Luke was down one weekend from Ballarat when his mate’s bands were playing. We met eyes across the bar and both like what we saw! Luke come over, said he was the bands manager (which was rubbish) I asked if he could get them to sing me happy birthday (although my birthday was 5 months later) he then got on the microphone & proceeded to sing to me Marilyn Munroe style, a very husky Marilyn in front of the rest of the pub!
We talked & laughed the rest of the night, went our separate ways until the next time his mates band played.

The Proposal :
Luke proposed to me on the 1st of December 2014 at the Sheraton Sengiggi Resort in Lombok (my actual birthday).
We had been out for a beautiful dinner with friends, but it wasn’t until we got back to the room he lured me out to the balcony where the ring was sitting in the darkness on the table with a light shining on it in the box!
I started crying straightaway & of course said yes!

Preparations leading up to the day :
I had most of the wedding organised as soon as we got engaged 14 months before I was that excited!
There were still plenty of things to do as it got closer though. In the couple of days beforehand I was helping with tree planting, moving of rocks and branches and digging holes helping to get the venue ready so I should have had a mani & some kind of hand treatment would have been good!
But the girls at El Amore did a great job with the french shellac, a lovely golden tan from Body Bronze and some beautiful long lashes from the awesome Courtney Baudinette.