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Tanya & Trent Gillingham
28 October 2017
CeremonySurfside boardwalk deck
ReceptionSimon's Waterfront

How we met:

Trent used to work with my brother Chris, one day whilst l was in the area he saw me and couldn’t resist asking my brother about me. It wasn’t long after that we started talking and there was a connection from the start. A couple of months went by before l met Trent for the first time. The connection that we shared continued to grow over time. We lived out of a suitcase between our houses for two years before we decided to move in together.

The proposal? how,what when:

Trent decided to take me with our three children for a family drive to Triplet Falls. When we arrived there we had to walk down what felt like a million stairs before we reached the waterfalls. Trent waited for the perfect moment to come up to me bending down on one knee and asking me if l will marry him. With a tear in my eye l said yes. Our children were absolutely thrilled and it was fabulous to share this time together as a family.

Theme and colour palette:

Our colour palette was white, navy and wood in a rustic theme.
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