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Bree Botha-Odendaal & Lourens Botha-Odendaal
10 March 2018
Maiden NameMeade
CeremonyBrucknell Park Scout Camp
ReceptionMatilda Room, The Warrnambool racecourse

How we met:

At the GALLERY NIGHT CLUB 😂, one night I was out with a friend and they asked me to get this creepy old ladies away from him , so I went over and grabbed him away and I remember holding his muscles like wow and then 2 years later TINDER surprised me when I came across him again, we met up and we were inspeperable since!

The proposal? how,what when:

I had drinks after work and Louy came with me. By the end of the night Louy drove me home because he didn't drink. He took a detour to the breakwater in Warrnambool, put me on the back of his Hilux, got down on one knee and said "you know how much I love you, will you marry me!!"

Theme and colour palette:

Champaign pink and ivory, black and white.
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