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Carly Hampton & Ryan McArdle
24 March 2018
CeremonyWinslow- Hampton Park
ReceptionWarrnambool Race Course Public Dining room.

How we met:

We met in 2010 on AFL Grandfinal night (When Collingwood and Saint Kilda drew). We met at the Gallery night club in Warrnambool through a mutual friend.

The proposal? how,what when:

After 6 years of sharing an evolving friendship, Ryan asked permission to From my Dad, Mum and Sister. Christmas 2016 Ryan deemed assistance from our kelpie to help with his romantic proposal. (He should have known using a pet wouldn’t always work out to plan). Christmas morning, I was in the bathroom getting ready. Touching up those last minute things girls do. Ryan carried one basket of gifts out to the back of the car, ready to take and share with family and friends. He popped his head back in the door and said I’m going to play with the dogs. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. He loved the dogs. I finished up inside and carried the last basket outside and piled them into the back of the car. (This year all my gifts had been wrapped in white cotton fabric.) Ryan stood at the gate with the dogs “are you ready?” He shouted. (Ready for the dogs to bombard me) The gate flung open and both dogs came running to me. Or straight past me and directly into the back of the car packed full of beautifully wrapped WHITE FABRICATED GIFTS. Suddenly turning from white to dirt stained grey/white. Through my anger, I grabbed our dog by the collar and pulled him out of the car. It was then when I noticed something attached to his collar. “What is that on Jobe?” I asked. I was worried. At the time of the proposal we had had a lot of dog thief’s in the area. “I don’t know, what is it?” Ryan asked. Knowing dead well what it was. I bent down to look, and got the biggest shock of my life. I turned to look at Ryan and he was down on one knee. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Of course I said yes. But I was still angry at the dog. It was the perfect day with all our family and close friends to share our excitement.

Theme and colour palette:

Our theme was inspired by my parents beautiful lush country style garden (Hampton Park) we created a lush elegant country feel for our reception, tying the garden into the dining room. We achieved this by using lush green foliage to hang from the ceilings, and hired dark walnut chairs as our “wow” factor on the floor. We used crisp white pallets and soft tulle to bring a look of elegance to our wedding.
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