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Maddie Gapes & Justin Coates
07 April 2018
CeremonyRose Cottage Rosebrook
ReceptionSimons Waterfront

How we met:

We met when I was 16 and Justin was turning 18. My friends brothers were good friends with Justin and they happened to live just over the road from each other. We first met at my friends brothers 21st birthday party.

The proposal? how,what when:

Justin proposed on the 23rd of January 2017, our 7 year anniversary together. Justin had it all planned after years of me harassing him to marry me! Justin arrived home from work and wanted to take the dogs for a run at Childers Cove. The weather was terrible and when we arrived at the beach we quickly let the dogs off for a run and as we walked back up the stairs it began to rain. Justin's dog Tessa decided it was a great time to do a poo on the back of the ute tray, which then Justin decided it was not the right time. When we arrived home Justin let the dogs off and I went inside. I noticed flowers from our garden on the table and asked Justin what they were for. He explained that he had picked them for me and had them hiding in the ute tool box to propose that day at the beach. The next day we went together and Justin had surprised me, buying me my dream ring. Although he had tricked me saying it had sold.....

Theme and colour palette:

Our colours were a lovely champagne pink, white and greenery. The theme I was trying to convey was garden with a bit of glam e.g. bridesmaid dresses bling.... Justin enjoys hunting so we compromised and he was able to have a more rustic feel using his deer and photo wall at the reception, but also incorporating my garden feel with beautiful flowers around the room from Functions 2 Flowers.
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