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Melissa Stables & Blaine Stables
11 November 2018
CeremonyGrandma’s Garden 67 Wollaston Road
ReceptionSimons Waterfront

How we met:

I started high school at Warrnambool College in February 2002. Soon afterwards a boy from my class Blaine asked me to go out with him but I refused because he was much shorter than me, however over a period of 5 months I found myself growing to like his cheeky personality. Blaine would slip notes into my hand during class attempting to win me over and with his continual persistence i eventually caved.
We soon found ourselves spending lazy days hanging out at the fig tree pool and by then we considered ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

The proposal? how,what when:

In early June 2015, Blaine suggested we have a day trip out to Dalwhinnie Winery in the Victorian Pyrenees area. He arranged the day trip to occur on June the 27th. Day trips were nothing unusual for us so my suspicion was not aroused. Arriving about lunchtime Blaine ordered drinks and food which we took outside. I settled down in my seat and looked out across the beautiful scenery that surrounded us. Blaine sat down and I could see there was something bothering him he looked really nervous. He told me he had left his jacket in the car and disappeared reappearing soon afterwards looking even more nervous than before. I could see something wasn’t right and started to feel nervous myself. Blaine went down on one knee and I could see he had a ring box in his hands which he opened. Blaine said “Will you marry me?” I could not believe he was asking me to marry him. I waited for so long to hear him say those words and now that he did say them it blew me away. After 13 years of being together of course I said “Yes”

Theme and colour palette:

On the 27th of November 2017 after months of painting, planting and hauling wood chippings to the garden it was almost ready for the afternoon event. We had decided that our theme would be “Garden Chic” taking place in Grandmas garden. The florist brought an array of Australian native plants and flowers which she tied to the chairs. An old metal tricycle which I rode as a child stood nearby to remind me of my many happy childhood years spent at Grandma and Poppies farm in Warrong. The centre piece a magnificent Arbour was decorated by the florist for the ceremony. My favourite colours being peach and rose gold I incorporated into the flower arrangements for both the wedding and the reception. I had a number of rose coloured lanterns as decoration at the reception.
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