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Mardi & Dylan Cross
13 January 2018
Maiden Namerobertson
CeremonyI Do Country Weddings
ReceptionSimons Waterfront

How we met:

Dylan and I had a lot of mutual friends and went to a lot of the same events, we knew of each other but didn’t know each other personally, until finally in 2014 we connected through Facebook and organised to meet.

The proposal? how,what when:

I was in bed and Dylan came in and told me the get dressed because we were going for a drive. At the time I wasn’t suspicious because we did random things like that a lot. Dylan drove down to the beach and we went for a walk, then he got down on one knee to ‘tie his shoe’ pulled out the ring, and asked me to be his wife, I could not believe it!

Theme and colour palette:

We wanted a relaxed and casual as possible wedding. Our colour pallet started with my wedding dress which was black and Dylan’s suit which was Grey and went from there.
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