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Carly & Kieran
22 July 2017
CeremonyHopkins Falls
ReceptionHopkins Falls

How we met:

We met as school friends first and we became best friends. As Kieran was older once he left school we fell out of contact a little but as fate had it, we were brought back to each other and kicked off right where we first started. One thing let to another and we just loved each other’s company and a friendship grew into a romance.

The proposal? how,what when:

The proposal happened July 2015 around the same day we first became a couple. How it happened was before we ever got engaged, maybe around 2012 Kieran brought me out to Hopkins Falls where I had never been before, I was so amazed by the beauty of the Falls and he turned to me and said, "Next time I bring you out here, I will propose to you". July 22nd of 2015 we took a joy ride in a plane and he brought me hovering over the Hopkins Falls, and that's where he proposed to me!

Theme and colour palette:

Scandinavian, raw (all about nature) and touches of blue (our favorite color)
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