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Maddison & Timathy Joiner
17 December 2016
Maiden NameCollins
CeremonyBrucknell Park Scout Camp Outside Chapel
ReceptionBrucknell Park Scout Camp Coleman Hall

How we met:

Tim and I met at the local pub in Timboon on Christmas Eve 2010. Tim knew my extended family that lived in the area, and I was down from where I lived in Albury, visiting them for Christmas. Tim caught my eye when he was talking to my brother in the outside area, and I went over to have a chat, thinking that he was a nice looking guy. We were introduced, and immediately hit it off, having a great chat together. After our conversation, Tim dissapeared and I remember hoping he’d come back for another chat. To my surprise he did come back to the outside area a little while later, but this time he was quite drunk and had a very big bump on his head from a fall off the balcony. I then didn’t think he was so good looking anymore. After our encounter he added me to Facebook and stalked me for a few months, commenting on my photos and trying to start up conversations (he says he remembers it differently). Eventually we sparked up a common interest in snowboarding and from that day we talked everyday for hours, about anything and everything. After that we never looked back, doing long distance for 8 months where we then eventually moved in together into a unit in Melbourne.

The proposal? how,what when:

After 4 and a half years, Tim proposed on the 22nd of January 2016. On this weekend I had been away with some of my friends from school for a girls weekend to the Mornington Peninsula. Over the weekend I was away, Tim told me he would be starting some small renovations in our bedroom, as we are doing up an old weatherboard home that we bought together in 2015. I had asked Tim to send me some photos of how the progress was going, but he had told me it was a secret and I could see the little changes when I got home. On the Sunday as I was driving back to our house, Tim had messaged me a few times asking when I would be home which I thought was strange, and as I arrived to the front door, Tim asked me to close my eyes. When he guided me through to our bedroom, I thought maybe he had pulled out the old furniture and was beginning to prepare for painting. To my surprise as I opened my eyes and he showed me inside, Tim had painted all the walls and windows, had put up new light fittings and a fan, new blinds, ripped up the old carpet, sanded back our rustic floorboards and had assembled our new furniture. The whole room was completely done by himself in 2 nights and I couldn't believe it! As I looked around in awe at what he had achieved, I turned around and there was Tim on one knee, pulling the ring out from under the pillow and already tearing up. We both began to cry with happiness as Tim spoke about wanting to spend his life with me in our family home, having children and growing old together. Of corse I said YES and we celebrated with a romantic night out of dinner and wine.

Theme and colour palette:

The theme we decided on was a forest fairytale, with inspirations of bohemian and rustic as we both love this style and have also brought it into our home. We went with the colour theme of navy and burgundy tones as they mix well with the forest and are very earthy and subtle against the greenery in the back drops of Brucknell Park.
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