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Kailee & Josh Lenehan
26 November 2016
Maiden NameHayward
CeremonyBrucknell Park
ReceptionBrucknell Park

How we met:

Josh & I first met outside chicken feed in the main street through mutual friends.
We were friends for a while but then went separate ways with other friends.
We started seeing each other again a little over a year later after seeing each other out at the gal. haha

The proposal? how,what when:

Josh proposed out of no where one day while we were sitting on the couch. Thinking he was joking i said that's not how you propose to someone, you get down on one knee with a ring. He got up walked to the kitchen, come back and got down on one knee with a burger ring. I got a 2nd proposal a few week later when josh was working on a car, He asked me to pass him the gasket from the box. I looked inside and said there's no gasket in here, looking straight past the big purple box inside. I eventually figured out what i was suppose to find.

Theme and colour palette:

We had a Rustic theme. No colour palette exactly, just a bit of purple to match the bridesmaids dresses
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