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Kate Richardson & Shannon Richardson
25 March 2017
Maiden NameAtwell
CeremonyQuamby Homestead
ReceptionMarquee Reception at our family property

How we met:

Shannon and I met through mutual friends while I was working a second job at a pizza restaurant so I could fulfill my dreams to travel.
Apparently that night Shannon was trying to catch my eye, although apparently I never gave him a second look. Shannon had finally worked up enough courage to catch up only weeks before I was due to head overseas with no locked in return date, as I was planning to travel for quite some months. Even my father had said it was a silly idea to continue on my travels when meeting such a nice fella! We hit it off straight away needless to say I returned quite early from my overseas trip!!

The proposal? how,what when:

After 5 years together, Shannon finally popped the question whilst we were on holidays at the Gold Coast. 01 August 2016 - Shannon suggested we go for an early morning beach walk, where he surprisingly got down on one knee after pulling the ring out of the sand!!! It was the best moment ever, there was not one other person on the beach or in sight! it was so special and just perfect & a huge surprise!!!!

Theme and colour palette:

Luscious greenery, Natural timbers with white and rose gold. Our Theme was completely us, the colours we chose gave our marquee a fresh and elegant look. We hand made a lot of our fixtures such as overhead hanging frames, our bar which was made by shannons cousins which looked amazing. This gave our entire marquee a beautiful feel, everything was made with love and looked absolutely amazing, I couldn't have dreamed of the finished product looking ay better!! Thanks to everyones wonderful ideas! My beautiful bridesmaids brought in a dash of colour by wearing a dusty pink gown, The groomsmen kept the black with a classic style dinner suit.
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