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Tiana-Kate & Tyler Ryan
04 March 2017
Maiden NameAmoroso
CeremonySt.Josephs Church
ReceptionWarrnambool Bowls Club- Carmichael Room

How we met:

As 18 year olds at Cannon Hill (LOL only Warrnambool locals will understand this).

The proposal? how,what when:

1st March 2016, On the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. The Climb was a surprise!! At the very peak, he got down on one knee. All of the staff and other members of our group including my sister and her partner were all in on the plan, he had even organised a photographer for the occasion!. We didn't realise until we looked back at the photos that the entire proposal I still had the tour earphones covering my ears, so when I turned around I could see him talking and was down on one knee but I couldn't actually hear him so I thought he was just tying his shoelace and turned and looked away back at the view, when everyone was staring and smiling at me and a photographer was in our face, that's when I knew, whoops! Ill never know how he actually proposed thanks too those headphones LOL. He was very game asking this question 134m in the air, harnessed too each other (that would have been an awkward hour and half climb back down the bridge if I said no). Obviously I said YES!, that was the longest walk back down the bridge ever! I wanted to get off that bridge and have a celebratory wine ASAP!

Theme and colour palette:

We had no colours at all. Neutral palette. Whites, Golds, Browns and Leafy Greens.
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