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Nadia & Matthew Walsh
07 April 2017
Maiden NameCollis
CeremonyBelleview, Bushfield
ReceptionThe Pavilion, Warrnambool

How we met:

Matthew and I first met at the Hotel Warrnambool. He asked me if he could buy me a drink, it was a beautiful warm Sunday afternoon, and I responded that I would love a stubby of VB. I think he was shocked by my response and probably second-guessing whether he wanted to sit down and chat after my choice of beverage. Even the barman made a joke about my choice and the look on Matt’s face. We did sit down at a table and started chatting, and we hit it off immediately. That first meeting then turned into an afternoon walk along the waterfront and then dinner, before we realised it hours had passed. I was so nervous while chatting to him that I couldn’t hold his eye contact for too long. I couldn’t believe how easy he was to talk to and by the end of the day, we exchanged numbers. Matt had moved away from Warrnambool but had grown up here, and he ended up returning to Warrnambool from Melbourne again the following weekend. From that one meeting our whole lives changed forever, and within five months Matt ended up selling his house and returning to Warrnambool so that we could begin building a life together.

The proposal? how,what when:

I was overseas Travelling Europe and Africa, and Matt was sending me pictures of engagement rings to see which one I liked as he knew it was really important to me to choose a wedding ring that would sit beautifully with a ring that my grandmother gave to me before she passed away. Matt knew me well, and I loved one of the vintage rings he had found. I knew he had purchased the ring, but I had no idea how long I would have to wait for the proposal. In February 2016, just two months after I had returned from overseas Matt and I had booked in to go skydiving in Ocean Grove, and we received a text on our drive up saying that there was a two-hour delay. I suggested to Matt that we use this time to go to Melbourne and have the ring sized properly so that when he finally did choose to propose it would fit perfectly. Matt couldn’t decide if he wanted to go to Melbourne or stay in the Geelong area and the closer we came to the turn off he still hadn’t made a decision about what he wanted to do with our time. Matt had become silent, and I assumed that he was getting scared about our impending sky-diving. All of a sudden Matt said that he needed to go to the bathroom and as we were approaching Inverleigh I went to pull up at the restroom, but he strangely said he didn’t need to go anymore. Then just on our way out of Inverleigh, he made me pull up at a beautiful little blue stone church so that he could pee on a tree. I couldn’t believe it, and I cantankerously stated that we had just past the restrooms. Matt opened the boot of the car and ran off behind a tree. When he returned, he asked if I had read his phone while he was behind the tree. I retorted that I would never read his phone as I trusted him. It turns out he actually wanted me to read a typed message he had left open on the screen. He handed it to me to read again, and I read an eloquently worded composition where at the end he asked me to marry him. I turned to him with tears of happiness in my eye’s; he was down on one knee, the previously spoken of engagement ring in his hand, awaiting my answer, ready to place it on my finger. His original plan had been foiled when our skydiving was postponed as he was going to propose after our jump. He became anxious when everything started changing as he had the ring on him. When we think about it now, we laugh about it, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Theme and colour palette:

Our colours were champagne with navy. The flower girl dress and junior bridesmaid dresses had the same elegant champagne sequins that the bridesmaid’s dresses had, and they tied in beautifully with the ivory and champagne lace overlay of my wedding dress. The boy’s navy suits complemented the girls’ dresses perfectly. It was really important to me that we had a lot of bush natives as our reception at Bushfield was outside, and I wanted to carry that into the reception with the smell of eucalyptus with the gum leaf table runners. The native bush flowers in our bouquets were also replicated at the reception as the same red, crimson and greens were in test tube vases along the dining tables and these reds were carried over into the colour palette of our cake that was decorated with berries. The giant L.O.V.E letters lit up the room and were placed behind the bridal table as a stunning feature. All of the choices were cost-effective and created an elegant and romantic theme.
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