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20 November 2016
Maiden NameGREIG
CeremonyOUR HOME
ReceptionOUR HOME

How we met:

We had mixed in the same group for years and when the time came that we were both single it just seemed to happen- after a night at the Gal of course! We were automatically inseparable and Charles moved in the first night he stayed over. Four and half years later we’ve barely spent a night apart.

The proposal? how,what when:

We got engaged in 2014 on the date that would become our wedding day 2 years later. We were on holiday in Bali with a group of our friends and on our second last day there, I woke up to Charles fully dressed sitting on the edge of our bed looking very scared. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and of course i said yes. Once we told our friends and family it came to light it was actually my parents wedding anniversary that day.

Theme and colour palette:

We chose to get married at our home as we have a beautiful big garden and wanted a relaxed cocktail wedding. I guess our theme was rustic garden. The colours we went with were Navy, Charcoal and a pop of deep red, with lots of natural greenery and rustic items already around our yard.
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