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Phillippa & Karl Hewitt
15 October 2016
Maiden NamePevitt
CeremonyCarlipa Woods - 1466 Princes Hwy, Heywood
ReceptionPortland Golf Club

How we met:

Our love story is like a sappy movie… Karl is the boy next door!
His family moved into the house next to mine when I was approximately 4 years old. I used to wait all day for him and his siblings to come home from school so that I would be able to spend the afternoon playing games with them. As we got older Karl and I realised we had feelings for each other and started to hang out just the two of us. Things didn’t work out straight away but a few years later we got ourselves sorted and moved in with each other. We purchased a house together a few years back and then decided we wanted to get married.

The proposal? how,what when:

We had been together for 10 years before he proposed. I had been bugging him for about 2 of those years to propose to me. He took me away for Valentines Day weekend to Halls Gap. As he was unsure whether or not he would be working this particular weekend, the trip was a last minute plan. Struggling to get accommodation, he ended up booking a room that wasn't even complete/ready for occupants yet but the owners of the place wanted to help him out once they heard he was going to propose. We had a lovely meal out, walked around listening to the Jazz festival that was on at the time and then went back to our room. As I had been complaining about a sore shoulder Karl gave me a massage. As he was massaging down my arm and then my hand he slipped the ring onto my finger and asked me to marry him. He likes to joke around so I turned around expecting him to have put one of my existing rings on my finger but it was actually an engagement ring and I burst into tears. It was a very hot night so we had the air conditioner going but then discovered it was leaking all over the floor. Karl investigated and found the air conditioner wasn't hooked up to drain outside. So we turned it off and opened a window. We were then inundated by mosquitos and had bites all over us. We were still happy though and the dramas of the night make for a good story to tell in the future.

Theme and colour palette:

We had a rustic/vintage theme. The colour palette was pastels set by the bridesmaids dress colours. Each bridesmaids wore a different colour pastel dress (purple, green and apricot). These colours were used throughout the wedding, in my bouquet and in the candles at the ceremony for example.
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