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Rhianna & David Burns
15 January 2016
Maiden NameO'Keefe
CeremonyFlagstaff Hill
ReceptionQuality Suites Deep Blue

How we met:

We met through mutual friends in Warrnambool five years ago. David took me out for dinner for our first date to the Warrnambool pub. David who was living in WA and me in Warrnambool at the time kept in contact long distance before we took the next step and I moved across to WA to join him, which was the best decision!

The proposal? how,what when:

David proposed when we were on an outback camping adventure in the Kimberleys on the Gibb River Road, WA. We were into our fourth day of our holiday on 04/08/2014, we had seen two incredible water holes that day and decided to keep driving for a bit longer when we pulled up to a camp spot called Mt Barnett George where we set up camp for the night . I set the camp chairs up while David was getting the beers out, however, he was very persistent I check out the missing screw on the bumper bar at the back of our car. I finally got up to see what the fuss was about and much to my surprise he was down on one knee holding a diamond ring. I screamed with so much excitement, I was ecstatic. We then celebrated that night under the stars with a bottle of Moet which was also hiding in the car!

Theme and colour palette:

Bright coloured Summer wedding with a touch of bling, using yellow, pink and white colours throughout.
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