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Samantha & Benjamin Mitchell
21 November 2015
Maiden NameReid
CeremonyKangaroobie Princetown
ReceptionKangaroobie Princetown

How we met:

We are actually high school sweet hearts. We meet over summer holidays when we were both camping down at Peterbourgh, We hung out for 2 days and then that was it. I happened to be changing schools that year and when i got off the bus I realised I had gone to the same school as Ben and like they say the rest is history. We have been together for 11 years.

The proposal? how,what when:

We were actually just in bed one night and i was drifting off to sleep and I hear ben say are you awake? I sought of grunted at him yes haha and he said can you roll over please, I did so and he just looked at me and said lets get married. I actually didn't take him seriously so i laughed it off and went to sleep and then 3 months later Ben approaches me again and says so what do you think lets get married.

Theme and colour palette:

We went with a bo-ho, vintage theme, most of our decorations were bought from op shops or antique stores. We went with the colour theme of navy blue, maroon, emerald green, and orange.
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