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Nicole & Brad Thompson
16 April 2016
Maiden NameMcDowall
CeremonyChrist Church, Warrnambool
ReceptionQuality Suites Deep Blue

How we met:

Brad and I first met at the Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic in 2010, through mutual friends. We were talking after the racing had finished and he put his number in my phone. We hung out on weekends for quite a while but I moved to Western Australia for 12 months and we hardly spoke after that. I moved back to Warrnambool at the start of 2012 but we didn’t catch up. During the start of the 2012-2013 race season we passed each other at the speedway saying hi from time to time. From early 2013 we were inseparable on the weekends, going to race meetings together. In July 2013 he finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

The proposal? how,what when:

Brad proposed to me on Valentine's Day, 2015. We had a friend’s house warming the night before and my friend and I decided to stay out for more drinks. I had to work that morning so I didn't get much sleep and had a hangover. While at work I received a beautiful bunch of flowers that had a note saying I would receive 10 gifts today. I had no idea what they would be. We went to Simons for dinner and afterwards we went for a walk along the trail. I was still tired and all I wanted was to go home to bed. We walked down a sand track to the beach. I was too busy complaining about the sand getting in my shoes that it took me a minute to realise Brad had let go of my hand. I turned around to find him behind me on one knee with a ring in his hand. My first reaction was 'are you serious'. After a couple of tears I finally said yes! After that I didn't complain about the sand.

Theme and colour palette:

Our theme was very elegant. It was traditional with a couple of twists of modern. Our dress code was black tie which matched our elegant reception. The colour palette consisted of champagne, ivory, silver and black/charcoal.
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