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Ebony & Tony Weetra
04 March 2016
Maiden NameWalsh
CeremonyHay shed on brides parents farm
ReceptionMarquee in the garden of brides parents property

How we met:

I had been living in Perth for a few years and Tony had relocated to WA to work on a mine site. On Friday 12th October 2012 I met up with my girlfriends at a gay bar called “The Honeypot” and being Tony’s first weekend in Perth he went out to the same bar with his housemate who happened to be the younger brother of one of my friends and well as they say, the rest is history!!

The proposal? how,what when:

Tony and I decided to relocate back to Warrnambool and settle, to do this we traveled across the country with our two dogs, camping along the way and seeing the sights of Australia. On 05/05/2015, Tony and I woke up and commenced our day of driving from the Nullabor Roadhouse to Streaky Bay in South Australia. Although it was raining, Tony wanted to stop at the Great Australian Bight, as we had stopped there the year before when we travelled to Port Lincoln to pick up Steve (Tony’s dog) and take him back to Perth to live with us. As we drove down the track to the information centre a full rainbow appeared over our cars. Tony wanted to stop and get a photo and I know now that he also needed to retrieve the engagement ring from its hiding spot and put it in his jacket. As we walked down the viewing platform Tony and I stopped at a spot where people engrave messages on the railing. The year before Tony had engraved “TW 4 EW” and this time he added “4 EVA”, which I thought was cute, but honestly thought nothing more of it. We continued on to the end of the decking to a point that looks over a massive cliff face into the water, Tony made me stand in the corner, facing away from him and into the rain, which I initially objected to, but he was so that I did. He then wrapped his arms around me from behind and presented the ring box in front of me. Without hearing/acknowledging what he said I immediately started to cry as I recognised the box from a jeweler we had walked past 4 months prior. Before opening the box to show me the ring and ask me to marry him, he lead me away from the edge as he didn’t want to have to retrieve the ring from the bottom of the cliff.

Theme and colour palette:

Rustic country garden wedding. Colour flowing from the full blooms and native wattles.
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