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Terms and Conditions

Bridalparty Warrnambool

1. All prices are in Australian dollars. Payment is accepted via PayPal.

2. Advertising time periods will commence once payment is received and your advertisement is made live on the Bridalparty Warrnambool directory.

3. If directory listings are full, advertisers will be placed on a waiting list on a first come, first served basis.

4. Advertising time periods will be the time frame as agreed between Bridalparty Warrnambool and the advertiser.

5. As your business information can be updated through your online account, it is your responsibility to ensure that the directory information relating to your business is correct.

6. Bridalparty Warrnambool will not be held responsible for any loss or consequence arising from incorrect information. If there are any discrepancies or obvious mistakes we will endeavour to follow up the matter with the advertiser and we reserve the right to edit any listing at any time.

7. All advertisers and their content (including images) are subject to approval, and Bridalparty Warrnambool reserves the right to reject images and/or content if it is not appropriate or not of the standard required.

8. Bridalparty Warrnambool retains the right to crop and resize images. All pictures, logos and electronic files are copyrighted to the wedding vendor and will not be used for any other purpose other than promotion of your business.

9. If you request Bridalparty Warrnambool to manually upload your directory listing, you’re listing will be made live within 1 week.

10. We reserve the right to remove any listing where we receive a complaint about your business, you do not provide the services or goods advertised, you cannot be contacted, the content uses offensive language, is pornographic in nature, or where we consider the listing breaches our values or is detrimental to our reputation.

11. Advertising on Bridalparty Warrnambool must be relevant to the readers and Bridalparty Warrnambool reserves the right to handpick products and services that are relevant to the wedding market. We reserve the right to refuse any listing for any reason.

12. Multiple listings are permitted for businesses that offer different services. The extra listings are charged at a fee.

13. When you pay the full amount for the expo package you automatically get one listing on the website unless you have a reason not to be able too. This must be requested in writing.

14. There is no limit on how many businesses are listed under the one category.

15. We will not be held responsible for any actions or omissions of any business we list including any warranties claimed.

16. If an advertiser decides to cancel or end a campaign before it’s scheduled end date, refunds will not be issued.

17. Bridalparty Warrnambool reserves the right to change the prices, policies and terms and conditions at any time. For current advertisers, Bridalparty Warrnambool reserves the right to change the pricing once their advertising period expires.

18. We will ensure your listing remains visible on the directory at all times, however, Bridalparty Warrnambool  is not responsible for any technical issues, downtime or other problems related to our hosting service.

19. Bridalparty Warrnambool requires that all advertisers act responsibly towards Bridalparty Warrnambool and other advertisers, and do not bring discredit towards anyone. If an advertiser is found to breach this, their advertisement will be removed from the site and no refund will be issued.