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Sophie & Dyllan Corbett
MARCH 21st 2015
CEREMONYChatsworth House Garden
RECEPTIONChatsworth House Mess Hall
GOWNDubois Boutique
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How we met :
We met on the 11th of November 2011 working together at the Whalers Hotel, Warrnambool.
Dyllan had been living in a caravan in Warrnambool over the winter as he wrote the script for his feature film and decided he needed to get a job over the summer so he could continue to live and write in Warrnambool.
Sophie being a local had been working at The Whalers for a while and recognised Dyllan as a new face on his first shift and walked straight up to him to offer any assistance he would need learning the bar.
Dyllan says he spoke to his brother that night and jokingly said ‘She’s the kind of girl I’d marry’.

The Proposal :
On the 11th of November 2012 Dyllan proposed, but unbeknown to Sophie, the proposal started months before.
Back in September Dyllan had presented Sophie with a vase full of shells each with a hand written note inside it for Sophie to take one every morning. This unfolded over the months until eventually the last shell was left.
This shell Sophie took to Warrnambool for the weekend as she had a friends hens party.
Sophie’s friends drove her to the train station on the Sunday but detoured for a quick look at Thunder point where they pointed out Dyllans car and told Sophie to check the boot, where she found another shell with a note.