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Leah & Damien Teal
29th NOVEMBER 2014
CEREMONYMerrang Homestead
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How you met :
Damien and I met at rehearsals for the Mortlake Muster event in January 2005 where I was riding as part of the show and Damien was assisting one of the other performers with his horses, we started dating after the Mortlake Muster event Easter 2005 where we were pretty inseparable over the three days of the event.

The Proposal :
Damien proposed to me at our home on Christmas morning 2011.
I was sitting on the couch and Damien started trying to kneel down in front of me, he’d had a knee reconstruction in early December so had a little difficulty getting down on one knee, giving away what he was up to when he had to balance himself with the hand he had the ring box in!
I had no idea the proposal was coming!
Damien had snuck my only other ring which I wear on my right ring finger, to size and purchase the engagement ring.