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Lauren & Grant Terrington
21st MARCH 2015
CEREMONYInfant Jesus Church, Koroit
RECEPTIONThe Carmichael Room
PHOTOGRAPHYPhinc Photography
GOWNBlossom Boutique
FLOWERSFunctions 2 Flowers
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How you both met ?
We first met when we were 16 through a mutual friend, then three years later we reconnected through a chance meeting down the street, where I recognised Grant from years earlier & decided to pursue him, which quickly changed into him pursuing me!

The Proposal :
My friend, Penny, thought she had ruined the proposal, she told me that she thought she had put her foot in it as she had a feeling something was going on and had asked Grant what he was up to, to which he replied “nothing”.
Later on that evening I was feeding the dog and relaying my conversation between Penny & I to Grant, stating “I don’t know where she gets these crazy ideas”, Grant had gone quiet so I turned around to see what he was doing and there he was on one knee, holding a beautiful ring, he asked “will you marry me?”
I cried and made horrible noises for about 20 minutes before I could actually get the word “yes” out.