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Elizabeth & Damian Coolahan
14th FEBRUARY 2015
CEREMONYDalvui Homestead - Noorat
RECEPTIONNoorat Community Centr
GOWNDubois Boutique
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How you met :
We actually grew up living a block away from each other in Terang and never knew each other! We first met in 2010 when I (Liz) was working at ANZ bank and Damian would come into the bank to cash his pay cheque.
We liked each other from the second we met but were too embarrassed to talk to each other because Damian’s sister worked at the bank too!

The Proposal :
Damian proposed on the 19th December 2013, we had been together for almost 3 years.
We had just purchased our first home together and had just taken possession and moved in two weeks prior.
It was a Thursday night and we had both worked that day.
Damian had been to Warrnambool during the day to pick up the ring, (but told me he was getting a hair cut), and late in the afternoon he had been to my parent’s house to ask their permission.
When he came home from my parents he came into the kitchen and was playing with the cats behind the bench and ‘hey Liz come look what Jax is doing’, I walked around the other side of the bench and here he was down on one knee!
It was only later that night he confessed that he wanted to do it on Christmas Day but he was so excited picking up the ring and asking my parents’ permission he couldn’t wait!